Working as a Front-End Web Developer: It’s Magic! [Infographic]

Looking to add a few magical powers to your tool belt?

Sadly we can’t help you with admission to Hogwarts, but we’ll show you a way to make your words come to life as a front-end developer.

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Front-End-Development-Infographic-v.3 600px


4 Responses to “Working as a Front-End Web Developer: It’s Magic! [Infographic]”

  1. instantaphex

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at with the “How many lines of code?” section. The only part of that with any relevance is facebook. Google Chrome is written in C++, android in Java and C, and OS X is written in C and objective C. How does that apply to a front-end developer position??

    • Melissa Suzuno

      We just thought the lines of code were interesting numbers to include, but you make a good point that those languages and lines of code would probably not be used by front-end developers. If you were going to mention a few little tidbits of information that related to front-end developers, what would you have used instead?


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