Want to Work With a Recruiter in Your Job Search? Here’s How


So, you’re looking for a job. It’s pretty hard, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you like a little help?

Well, one way you can get this help is by working with a recruiter. But how do you find one? And once you do, how do you go about making the most out of that relationship?

We spoke with University Recruiting Outreach professional Sean Cervera about how students can find a recruiter, what their next step should be, and how to best work with a recruiter to help their job search.

How can students/recent graduates find a recruiter to work with?

Sean suggests that students can reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn. Make sure that you custom design a message of about three to five sentences to send to them. Do not just send a generic request.

It’s not a necessity, but Sean recommends students and recent graduates invest in LinkedIn Premium to find more recruiters.

Sean says, “LinkedIn Premium will be the best 30 bucks you spend.”

How can students and recent graduates make the most out of their relationship with a recruiter?

One of the best moves you can make when working with a recruiter is asking for their feedback on your résumé. Recruiters have a lot of experience looking over résumés and their advice can really help you to enhance your own.

Not only that, but looking over your résumé will familiarize the recruiter with your qualifications. Then, if a job opens up that matches your skill set, you’ll have a higher possibility of hearing about it.

What are some “no-nos” that students/recent graduates should know about when working with recruiters?

Most of Sean’s list of “no-nos” has to do with the language you use when communicating with a recruiter. Be courteous and conscious of the words you choose. Stay away from robotic language, needy language, desperate language, or saying anything that can be construed as rude.

Also, remember that these are busy people. It’s wonderful to reach out, but don’t send a constant stream of emails and always remember to say thank you for their advice and support.

Homework time! Sean says LinkedIn Premium might be the best investment you can make as a student or recent graduate. Consider your current budget and see if this is a possibility for you. Then, start looking for recruiters who may be able to help you in your job search. Do your research. Recruiting associate at The McIntyre Group Shana Tsukiyama says you can find a lot of good information about recruiting firms on Glassdoor.com as well as through Google reviews.

Once you’ve found a recruiter who wants to work with you, make sure that you’re staying away from all of Sean’s “no-nos.” Don’t send too many emails and be always be considerate.


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