How to Trick Your Brain And Reap the Rewards

This week is all about the power of the mind and being able to use it to improve your day-to-day life.

What’s one way to live a healthy and productive life? By having a lot of good habits. Fast Company shows us how to trick our brains to hold on to these positive routines.

And one positive habit that we should all develop is our yearning for learning. Malavika Suresh shows us how to make the pursuit of knowledge into a habit with 18 simple steps.

Then, you might not realize it, but your imagination is actually beneficial for your work. Start letting that mind wander. Stretch it out and let The Daily Muse show you 11 ways your imagination can make you better at your job.

Then, if you really want your mind blown, check out Cosmo’s 25 things that won’t matter after you turn 25 (but to be honest they really don’t matter as soon as you graduate).

And finally, are you totally confused about how people seem to have so much extra time on their hands—writing books, learning new languages, learning new computer languages? Here’s the secret: they don’t! Check out what I mean in this post on Levo League.

Hope you’ve expanded your mind this week!

- The AfterCollege Team


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