It’s Not You… It’s Me (How to Take Control of Your Job Search)

Let’s be honest. It can be so much easier to blame someone else when something goes wrong, but this week let’s turn that finger around. What are some things we can change about ourselves or our actions to help us with the job search?

The New York Times asked us to do some serious reflecting in their post, “Why You Hate Work.” Whether you agree with this opinion piece or not, it’s worth reading.

The Daily Muse offers us the 47 habits of highly successful employees and it’s up to us to see which we can incorporate into our own lives.

Then Ellen Chisa challenges us on Medium to stop looking for a mentor and to start drinking more coffee. What does that mean? Check it out for yourself. (You can also find our Medium profile while you’re there).

Now it’s time to take matters into your own hands! Fast Company shows us how to hit the ground running with 10 tips for mastering post-graduation life.

Finally, Lauren Holliday shares her personal experience failing at finding a job and the secret technique she discovered that turned it all around via The Daily Muse.

Be assertive! Take charge of your life after college and the job search.

Hope you had an inspiring week,

The AfterCollege Crew


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