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What the Heck is UX Design?

Everyone has been on a website. Even my grandmother who refused to own a computer has seen one via my smartphone. Most of us are online…

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Being a Noogle at Google: New Google Employee Sean Shares His Experience

Now that the movie The Internship has come out, the noun “Noogle” (a new Google employee) is a pretty standard vocabulary word. I’d like to add…

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Are Colleges a Thing of the Past?

In a recent New York Times book review, “Illiberal Arts,” Andrew Delbanco examines two books—Is College Worth It? by William J. Bennett and David Wilezol and College (Un)bound…

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3 Ways to Get the Sales Internship You Want

Think you’re ready for an internship in sales? Read on to learn how to get one and rock it once you’re there. 1. Use your networks…

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9 Essential Resources for Learning about Sales Jobs: The Best of the Web

There must be a word for that feeling of despair you experience when you stare at the empty white box on a Google search page. Search…

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