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What’s It Like to Work in PR for a Publishing Company?

Think back to the last article you read. Whether it was a BuzzFeed post on 12 Animals That Need a Vacation, an investigation into the fancy…

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What’s It Like to Be a Sound/Video Technician?

Today we’re looking at a different sort of job. Not the type that’s performed in a regular office, but the type that’s done by the men…

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The Complete Novice’s Guide to Getting Experience

It’s a familiar Catch-22 for recent grads—you need experience to get a job and a job to get experience. So what is the inexperienced college senior…

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How to Get Fired from Your Internship (And What to Do Next)

Ever wonder if it’s possible to get fired from an internship? The short answer is yes. For the longer answer, read on as Melissa Nguyen talks to Stephen…

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I Got a Job! Katherine Shea, Sales Associate at AfterCollege

Not everyone begins their career thinking they want to go into sales. Some of us, like AfterCollege sales associate Katherine Shea, start off as musical theater…

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5 Steps to Finding a Summer Internship

Sure, your mind might have gone on vacation just after midterms, but have you spent any time daydreaming about your big picture future? If you’re still…

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