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Why English Majors Should Consider a Career in Public Relations After College

Have you ever thought about writers and how they all seem to share characteristics that pull them away from other people? You know what I’m talking…

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Are You Wrong About Your “Dream Job”?

“Sometimes when you’re looking into the future it can be hard to see where you’re going, but when you look back it kind of all makes…

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How to Become a Social Media Manager: A Quick Guide to Winning the Internet

Think you’d like to get a job in social media? If you’re a tech-savvy trend-setter with an eye for detail and an understanding of customers’ wants…

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How to Write a Cover Letter That Doesn’t Suck

What’s the most tedious, painstaking part of the job application process? If you think it’s writing cover letters, you’re not alone. In the 2013 AfterCollege Job-Seeker…

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