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Bet You Didn’t Know Your Career Center Offered This

The college career center. That looming building on the far side of campus. You heard that they offer services that might be helpful, but you just…


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How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket as a Recent Graduate

As a recent graduate, I know first-hand what it is like to be naive and uneducated about finances. Seriously, sometimes when my aunt (who works for…

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5 Essentials for Your Senior Year Bucket List (And How They’ll Help Your Career)

It’s your LAST year to really be at your university. It’s your last year to celebrate $2 Tuesdays at the local bar with your buddies. It’s…

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3 Excuses Students Use to Avoid the Job Search (And Why They’re Just Wrong)

If you’re still in college, and don’t have a job lined up, you are not alone. The vast majority—80.2% of students we interviewed in the 2013…

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3 Ways to Get the Sales Internship You Want

Think you’re ready for an internship in sales? Read on to learn how to get one and rock it once you’re there. 1. Use your networks…

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9 Essential Resources for Learning about Sales Jobs: The Best of the Web

There must be a word for that feeling of despair you experience when you stare at the empty white box on a Google search page. Search…

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