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We Can’t Think of a Career More Meaningful Than This One

Picture your ideal working environment. Does it involve a pet-friendly office, regular happy hours, and tons of free snacks in the office kitchen? Or are you…

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Just a Few of the Crazy Things You Can Do With a Degree in Physics

What’s your ideal working environment: a lab, a surgery operating room, or your home office? Actually, there’s no need to choose just one. Play your cards…

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Is Modesty Ruining Your Chances of Getting a Job?

Nobody likes a showoff, and we’re not just saying that. Studies show that people who blatantly self-promote aren’t as successful or well-liked as their peers. At…

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From Lab Minion to PhD: A Career in Chemistry

Wondering what you can do with a science degree? After completing her PhD in Chemistry, Dr. Allison L. Stelling took a staff scientist position in Germany…

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Physics is Our Unifying Force: Catherine Warren, President at FanTrust Entertainment Strategies

Not all science majors go on to pursue a career in science, but many of them take their academic foundations and find ways to apply them…

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