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Why My Storytelling Skills Were Tested in This WebClass (And How to Win a Session Yourself)

Tell me a story. These four words have never filled me with the anxiety I feel as I clear my throat and start to speak into…

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How to Win AfterCollege’s Holiday Prize Package

Yep. We’ve caught the Christmas bug and can’t wait to spread holiday cheer by giving away a glorious prize package! What does this package consist of,…

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What is Your Personal Brand? + [GIVEAWAY] $50 Moo Gift Card

It’s mid-afternoon and Karl the Fog is nowhere to be found. The sun beats mercilessly upon me and a drop of sweat slides down my temple…

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Don’t Screw Yourself Over on Your Scholarship Apps

There is an old Italian joke (which you may recognize from the beginning of Eat Pray Love): A man goes to a statue of a saint…

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5 Simple Ways to Test if Telecommuting is Right for You + Mobilegear Giveaway!

We live in a world constantly in motion. I mean, we’ve turned our phones into miniature computers so that we can stay connected every minute, of…

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Reminder! Giveaway for New Grads Running until June 26

Win $125 of proofreading (enough to cover about 40 pages of material) from! Just answer the following question in the comments section: What is the most…

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