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How to Give Back As an Alum Without Opening Your Wallet

I don’t know about yours, but my alma mater’s alumnae donations office calls at least once a week. The exchange usually goes something like this: Me:…

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Careers in Non-Profits: Chat with a Program Manager at the JCCSF

Alan Scher is the Program Manager in the Youth & Family Department at the JCCSF. Alan supervises the Havurah Youth Center and after-school program. His duties include…

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The Best Gig Out There: Social Entrepreneur and Non-Profit Director Simone N. Sneed

What appeals to most people about working for a non-profit? Generally, it’s passion, dedication to the organization’s mission, and a driving desire to make a difference.…

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The Peace Corps Convinced Me Not to Become a Teacher (But Here’s What I Did Learn)

Some of the most valuable lessons we learn in our twenties are when we prove ourselves wrong. You might discover that you really do have a…

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It’s Your Call: Work the Phonathon & Rock Your Career

Calling people I don’t know and asking them for money terrifies me, so I never even considered working for a Phonathon in college. But I’m kicking…

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How to Find a Sales Job: Chat with Melanie Graff, Senior Recruiter at Yammer

What’s the perfect job for a potential salesperson who’s still in college? How long is the ideal résumé? And what should your cover letter actually say?…

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