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Why Being a Developer is Awesome—And How You Can Get Started

If you still think you need a computer science degree to become a web developer, you’re wrong. It’s okay—we didn’t know that, either, until we spoke…

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Tech Needs Women! A Day in the Life of Jennifer Gilbert, Software Engineer

You don’t need a computer science degree or even a strong background in tech to make it as a developer. All it takes is determination and…

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13 Essential Resources for Learning about Front-End Development

Here’s a little riddle for you. What do you call someone who loves design and color, but also likes to do really technical, logical work, and…

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Working as a Front-End Web Developer: It’s Magic! [Infographic]

Looking to add a few magical powers to your tool belt? Sadly we can’t help you with admission to Hogwarts, but we’ll show you a way…

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How to Become a Front-End Developer: A Crash Course in Coding

Let’s start with the basics. What does a front-end developer actually do? The front-end developer’s job is to shape your experience on a website. They do…

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