What’s It Like to Be a Sound/Video Technician?

Office style JCCSF Sound booth

Today we’re looking at a different sort of job. Not the type that’s performed in a regular office, but the type that’s done by the men (and women) in black. No, they’re not protecting the planet from alien invaders, but it’s almost that much fun.

Any time you watch a live show or concert, there’s a team of people working behind the scenes to make sure the lights go on at the right times, the microphones are set to the right volume, and everything else runs smoothly.

Learn more about working in sound and video from Chris Howell, a Production Technician at the JCCSF. He uses his background in theater to facilitate the sound and video for performances and to help with some special projects the JCCSF is producing, like videos on 3200 Stories. Chris tells us what his job is like, some of the fun side projects he’s involved with, and what makes the company culture at the JCCSF so special. Check out our video interviews below to learn more.

Chris shares how he went from Philosophy major to sound and video technician

Some of the fun side projects Chris has been working on

The company culture at the JCCSF

Homework time! Chris discovered that his extracurricular activities in high school and college helped prepare him for his career more than the subject matter of his degree. Could you see yourself following a similar path? Talk to one of your coaches or teachers about what career options there are in the field you’re interested in.


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