What Does a Social Media Marketing Intern Do?


Austin Pomerantz sat back with a sigh. Having graduated from CSU Sacramento in December, he knew it was time to find a job. There was one small problem, though. Austin was uncertain of what he wanted to do, and was frustrated by feeling like he didn’t have enough experience to find a job right away. He had been in school his whole life and still didn’t know exactly what industry or even position he wanted to start his career in.

Summer was coming soon, which meant that somewhere out there, a new opportunity was being born.

Could any of those opportunities lead to a job that he liked?

As it turns out, one did! Right here at AfterCollege. We caught up with Austin to learn about his job search, his current position, and his advice for other recent grads looking to find their place in the working world.


What is your current company name and job title?

I am currently a Social Media/Online Marketing Intern at AfterCollege.

What is a typical day on the job like for you?

Each day has been different for me in my short time with AfterCollege so far. I have two people who I report to (Steve Girolami, VP of Engineering and Jennifer Rutt, Senior Director of Engagement) and both of them provide me with jobs and tasks to either complete for them or research and create from scratch.

Steve has guided me through creating LinkedIn Ad Campaigns and Sponsored Content Campaigns and Jen has taught me how to maintain Pardot (our marketing platform) lists and track all the new leads for the AfterCollege business.

In addition to tracking new leads, Jen has taught me how to create landing pages and forms in Pardot, schedule and maintain her weekly webinars, and repurpose content she has created into new formats to be viewed.

Each day I manage my time to complete the most important tasks first. Almost all of these tasks are new to me so I spend a good amount of time researching to make sure I am completing them correctly and in the most effective way possible.

What are your favorite aspects of your job? What are the things you would change if you could?

My favorite part of my job is all the new information I am learning. All the time spent working on different business platforms has given me invaluable experience that I could not have learned elsewhere.

In addition to learning new information, I love the work environment here. Everyone has been very friendly and willing to help if needed. I like how the company is still growing and finding new ways to improve business. I really like how I have become a part of that process.

The one thing that I would change about this job would be to have a little more responsibilities or duties. By that I mean that I wish I could contribute to the company more. Although I am just an intern, I would like to see my efforts and my work translate into new leads and new business. I am still learning and working my best so that hopefully by the end of the internship, I can see all of my contributions start to make an impact.

What did you study in college? How does your major relate to your current position?

At my university, I studied Business with a concentration in General Management. With the General Management concentration, I took courses in all areas of business which included Finance, Marketing, Accounting, IT, Business Management, and International Business. Although I did take courses in marketing, it was over two years ago and online marketing was not yet being taught in-depth to students. I did gain knowledge of general marketing concepts, but those lessons do not completely fall in line with the work I have done here at AfterCollege.

Once I graduated, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do. I had taken classes in all areas of business and I still was unsure of what I wanted to pursue for myself. I found myself searching for “entry-level jobs” on job board sites and was not satisfied with the offers I received.

During my job search, one of my good friends introduced me to the site AfterCollege.com which I signed up for and I found helpful with my search. The friend who introduced me to AfterCollege also informed me that her friend worked there and that there was an internship opportunity to work for AfterCollege.

I was attracted to the Online Marketing aspect of the job description because that was one of the industries I was looking to get started in. After researching the position, researching AfterCollege the company, and going through the interview process, I found AfterCollege to be the perfect place for me.

What advice would you give to college students who are interested in working in your field?

Be enthusiastic and be confident. While looking for jobs, I often found myself not applying to certain jobs because I did not have all of the “required qualifications” listed in the job description. Although I did not have the exact requirements needed for some jobs, I was very excited to enter the workforce and I found that my experience from my education and previous customer service jobs can all be translated into working in a business environment.

It is important to be confident in yourself and believe that you have the ability to learn anything new. As a college student, you might not have much experience. As long as you are excited and confident that you can learn and be taught, you can find somewhere to succeed.

Homework time! Applying to the social media marketing position at AfterCollege meant that Austin had to do things that he’d never done before. When applying to internships, be sure to show your potential employer that you are open to learning new skills. Take the time to figure out what skills you already have that are transferable to a range of exciting opportunities. Finally, do your research! If you don’t know how to do something, look it up. With a little bit of time, patience, and elbow grease, that thing that you didn’t know how to do before could become a new skill to add to your repertoire.


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