Is a Small Company Right for You?

Wondering what it’s like to work in a small company? We crack open the door and show you what’s going on inside a friendly 20-person office. You’ll find Ryan Gosling photos, office-specific memes, and more…

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In order to explore what it’s like to work at a small company, we didn’t have to go very far. AfterCollege currently has around 30 employees, and a handful are remote, so on a daily basis there are around 20 people working out of our downtown San Francisco office. Our small size makes it easy to organize a quick game of Scattergories or Zombie Fluxx during lunch. It also means that our CEO and executive management are never too far away. In fact, we all sit together and they’re often right there with us during those intense lunchtime game sessions.

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The culture at small companies really varies depending on the personalities at that particular organization, but in our case it’s pretty laid-back. We’ve got a casual dress code, flexible schedules, and communication between departments is open and easy (often as easy as walking ten feet across the room). We also like to think we have a good sense of humor on the whole. (Check out some of the photos in this post to see if you agree.)


We chatted with a few AfterCollege employees about their favorite aspects of this small company atmosphere, and this is what they had to say.

Chelsea Claure, Client Support Representative:

“AfterCollege allows me to make my own plans and goals, and I’m expected to follow through and deliver on my ideas. Being part of a small company has pros and cons: we are lucky to be surrounded with AMAZING coworkers (I’m sure your coworkers are great too, but I know mine are better) each of whom is unique and individual in a way that can’t be quantified. With a small company you have the privilege of knowing your coworkers, they’re your friends, allowing you to create a company culture that is of value to you. Since starting my career with AfterCollege I have gained a comprehensive awareness of the importance of having unique and individual skill sets, of being an individual. Highlighting my specific value, leveraging my individual traits and quirks, and executing or implementing new strategies and tools with confidence led me to what I never knew I was searching for: autonomy.”

Ashley Mintz, Account Executive:

“Working for a small company makes me feel like part of a family. Understanding my coworkers’ life stories, backgrounds, and personalities helps how I connect with them throughout the work day. I also enjoy how quickly new business ideas come to life. Since there are less people to get approval from, we can quickly improve and adjust our working environments, procedures, and products.”

Bri Kapellas, University Relations Engagement Manager:

“It’s great to work in a smaller company because ideas can often go from brainstorm to implementation in a matter of days or weeks. You have more freedom to try out new things and the challenges often associated with smaller companies, like potential budget and resource limitations, can actually push you to be more creative and force you to constantly evaluate and focus on what really counts.”

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