Skills You Need – No Matter the Job Title


AfterCollege recently did a review of employers who are still hiring and the jobs that they have open. Review the list.

In addition to gathering the companies and jobs, we reviewed the commonality of language throughout all of the job postings by category. Some skills emerged that employers are looking for regardless of the type of job.

Communication and Problem Solving are two skill sets that rose to the top in nearly every industry currently hiring: Education, Information Services/Technology, Manufacturing/Production Operations, and Health Care. Here are some ideas to help you convey both of these skill sets in your application materials:

1-Communication Skills

It might seem strange to try to communicate your ability to communicate, but that’s what you need to do. Examples to highlight can be writing, speaking to groups large or small, creating presentations and then giving them, negotiating, active listening, and understanding things like non-verbal communication. Think about school work, extracurricular school activities, projects, and work examples.

2-Problem Solving Skills

Problems aren’t just math. Problems arise in life and work every day and you solve them. Examples can be diverse and include things like research for papers, troubleshooting a technology issue, or leading a team through a difficult issue. You can use both human dynamic examples and/or concrete project examples. 

Explore the word clouds below for an area that may interest you. Keep these words in mind as you develop your cover letter and resume. Highlight things you have done or projects you have worked on that will convey to employers that you bring these skills to the role for which you’re applying. 


Information Services/Technology

Manufacturing/Production Operations

Health Care

Create an AfterCollege account and as you apply to jobs and internships, look at each job posting and make sure you are addressing the things that the employer is looking for in your resume and cover letter.


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