Revenge of the Early 2000s

This week we’re feeling pretty nostalgic and have decided to share some posts that will take you straight back to the early 2000s.

First let’s take a look at BuzzFeed’s list of 101 things you cared about 10 years ago (but don’t at all today).

Next we’ll turn to woman who once starred on our favorite early 2000s reality TV show, Laguna Beach, for some tips on asking for what you want. LC may be “dunzo” but Lauren Conrad is still going strong.

If you weren’t aware, Mean Girls recently turned celebrated its tenth anniversary. In honor of our favorite 2004 flick, we want to share BuzzFeed’s “Emotions You’ll Feel While Job Hunting as Told by Mean Girls.”

Hope you had a great week!

-The AfterCollege Team


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