Résumé Teardown: Show Me the Links!

In this edition of Résumé Teardown, we’re looking at a cover letter and résumé from “Dev Elleper,” who is seeking a front-end developer position. Mike Feineman, the head developer at Room 214 shares his thoughts on how this résumé and cover letter could be improved.

Mike wanted me to issue the warning that he approaches hiring from a very “start-uppy” type of mindset, and recruiters in more established companies might see things differently.

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web dev 1 page 3

The moral of this post is: Show me the links! One of the major shortcomings of this cover letter and résumé is the fact that it doesn’t contain any links to Dev’s personal website, GitHub account, or anything else.

Also, be careful about how you word things. Perhaps an HR person wouldn’t necessarily care that Dev referred to jQuery as a programming language, but since Mike is a developer, this inaccuracy bothers him.

Homework time! Do you have a website, blog, or online portfolio that’s relevant to your job search? If so, make sure you’ve included it in your cover letter and/or résumé. If not, consider this post the kick in the pants you need to start one.

P.S. If you’re in a field that’s unrelated to web development, you can still create a blog to give your job applications a boost. Check out this article from InternMatch, “Start a Blog: It’ll Help You Land a Job,” for some great suggestions.


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