Results of the 2013 AfterCollege Job-Seeker Survey [Infographic]

It’s easy to feel like everyone else has the job search totally figured out, but the AfterCollege 2013 job-seeker survey shows that’s not the case at all. Find out where other college students stand and pick up some job search strategies you can apply to your own quest for gainful employment.

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9 Responses to “Results of the 2013 AfterCollege Job-Seeker Survey [Infographic]”

  1. Marianne H. Barber

    Our company is looking for nurses (in house-contract –part time and full time) to prepare Med Review Chrons. I hoped that you may have a bulletin board where we could post something.

    If you happen to know anyone that may be interested, please let me know. We also have other positions open if you know of others that may be looking. Feel free to give all of them my email and they can forward me the resumes. I will turn them over to HR and have Michelle Webb contact them for an interview.

    Marianne H. Barber
    Marker Group
    Operations Manager

  2. How to Improve Your Careers Page

    […] part of your recruiting strategy, but many college students and recent grads would disagree. In the 2013 AfterCollege Job-Seeker Survey, 71.8% of students said they prefer to find jobs through a company’s careers […]


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