Ready, Set, Go!

This week is all about being prepared for your future so that you can face it head on!

Dormify is definitely thinking ahead. They share with us how to make sure you have an internship ready when you get back from studying abroad.

So, we know you’re really busy, but we can guarantee that you still have time to expand your mind. PolicyMic introduces us to 14 brilliant pieces of literature that you can read in the time it takes you to eat lunch.

Then, if you’re graduating with a degree in Humanities, we have good news for you! Heather R. Huhman gives us 4 ways to land a job (with one of those “useless” degrees).

Also, Jon Coile writes a letter to us millennials, asking that we consider a career in real estate. His reasoning is more sound than you might think.

Finally, what better way is there to prepare for the future than to watch movies about it? Jasmine Evans shares 6 movie scenes that “totally nail life after college.”

From the start of your college career to the start of your post-grad life, it’s good to be prepared.

Hope you had a wonderful week!

– The AfterCollege Crew


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