What You Should Be Reading This Summer

Summer reading list

It’s always the same. With the heat comes the restlessness, the flurried frenzy as your senses whirl with the promise of sweet freedom. Yes, you’ve got summer fever.

But, before you turn your brain off completely, we have one request: Commit to reading this summer and add these books to your list of musts!

Don’t worry, we’re not assigning painfully dull reads that will have you slamming your head against a wall after two pages. These are fun books that will shock you, inspire you, and help you stay (a little) productive during your summer break.

1. I Just Graduated… Now What? by Katherine Schwarzenegger

This book touches upon Katherine’s own struggles with life after college as well as those of some highly successful people. From Anderson Cooper to Armin Van Buuren, every life journey is filled with a unique mix of “wins,” “fails,” and career discovery.

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You can also read our interview with Katherine about how writing the book helped her find her own career path here.

2. Welcome to the Real World by Lauren Berger

As a college student, you’ll hear a lot of people talking about what happens after you graduate and what it’s like in the “real world.” Lauren Berger, aka the Intern Queen, has spent a good portion of her years after college helping students navigate the intern world, but now she’s ready to tackle what comes post-internship: the “real world.” Her new book advises recent graduates on how to succeed at their first, second, or third jobs.

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3. The Bigs by Ben Carpenter

Ben Carpenter started writing a letter to his daughter, a recent graduate about to begin her job search, and ended up writing a whole book that takes us through his entire career story and imparts his advice for those early stages of discovering your career.

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4. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Creator, CEO, and “Chief Trouble Maker” at the online retailer Nasty Gal shares her story with us in the pages of this book. One part wild child, one part businesswoman, Sophia is totally honest about her strengths—and her shortcomings. Definitely an entertaining read that will leave you inspired.

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5. Lean In for Graduates by Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl started a huge movement with her first book Lean In, which encouraged women to get what they deserve in the workplace (and at home). Now, she’s added chapters and stories that speak directly to recent graduates. It’s definitely something to get your hands on as you enter (or are thinking about entering) into the workforce.

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You can also read our review of Lean In for Graduates here.

Yes, summer is a wonderful time to take it easy and relax, but it’s also a huge opportunity to do some reading. Use some of those extra hours of sunlight to pick up books that are not only fun to read but can also help you with your life after college (or in general).

Let us know! Have any books to add to our list? Leave us a comment below.


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