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Here at AfterCollege we are OBSESSED with finding students / recent graduates jobs and internships. Our idea of a good time is receiving an “I got a job” email. At night we dream of students drafting sparkling résumés and internships growing from trees. If finding students / recent graduates jobs were a food, it would be pizza—seriously we love it SO much.

Because our one-of-a-kind job search technique (Explore) is based on a student’s education, we want to lessen the burden of that education. That is why we offer scholarships.

Alfred Y., a recent Pharmacy Student Scholarship recipient, really made our day when he wrote to us saying, “AfterCollege is doing a great service for college students in helping them find internships and jobs and for them to go the extra step of supporting us through scholarships is truly above and beyond.”

For us, it’s not above and beyond. It’s just another part of our dedication to helping students.

So far we’ve given over $800,000 to scholarships and student activities in various majors. And we’re raising that number every quarter!

Types of Scholarships

AfterCollege currently has 12 scholarships that are targeted toward the fields of Business, STEM, Allied Health, and Nursing. We also have the Succurro scholarship which is open to students of all majors.

You can find details about each individual scholarship by visiting the AfterCollege scholarship page.

Scholarship Reminders

The next step after visiting our scholarship page and identifying which scholarship you’re eligible for is to check out when the application is due. BTW, most AfterCollege scholarships are offered on a quarterly basis.

Here’s the dangerous part.

Once you’ve seen that the application deadline is far (a few months) into the future, your mind is ready to relax. You’ve already worked so hard to find a scholarship to apply for. You need a break.

You’re right. You don’t have to apply right away. But don’t let that deadline sneak up on you!

Be sure to continuously visit your AfterCollege account. We will be posting the upcoming scholarship deadlines in the Events section of your Explore page. See what it looks like below.

AfterCollege Scholarships

Applying to Scholarships

One of the reasons it can be so tempting to procrastinate with these scholarships is because of how daunting the application process can seem. But guess what? We’ve taken care of that as well.

Because we know you have a lot on your plate as a college student (exams, frat parties, and doing your own laundry. I mean, what?!) we’ve made applying for our scholarships easy for you. Here’s what the process looks like:

1. Sign up for an AfterCollege account (if you don’t already have one)

2. Fill out your AfterCollege profile. This is the most important step! Your profile is what the judges will look at when they’re choosing the scholarship recipient.

3. Submit a résumé or create a new one using your AfterCollege profile. Be sure that there is a succinct but impactful résumé-style personal statement. This will be a large part of what the judges are basing their choice off of.

Then you’re done.

Yep, it’s as easy as that.

Maureen C., a past winner of the Succurro Scholarship, wrote, “I am so thankful for AfterCollege’s opportunities to earn different scholarships. It was a very simple application process and it is a website that all students should know about.”

We do have one scholarship that is a little more than the steps mentioned above. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing Scholarship, which offers a generous fund, asks for a brief (250-word maximum) essay. Do not be scared off by the word “essay.” You’re not writing your thesis here. This 250-word statement is a mere paragraph. Trust me. You are fully capable of writing it.

If you’re still intimidated by the application process, don’t be! We have another post that takes you through all the most important steps of getting your application just right. Take a gander at “Don’t Screw Yourself Over on Your Scholarship Apps.”

Feeling better? Good.

Now head over to our scholarship page and start applying!

After all, who ever regretted applying for a scholarship?

Ellen V., a past recipient of the Diversity & Inclusion Student Scholarship, sure didn’t. She wrote to us saying “That is fantastic news. Thank you so much. It is tremendously encouraging to be awarded this scholarship based on my dedication to increasing women’s involvement in the two fields I love, math and computer science.”

And there was definitely no regret when Kyana V., past recipient of the Science Student Scholarship, wrote to us saying “I am extremely grateful for being awarded this scholarship and I am now even more inspired and motivated to work hard to excel in my studies. I will be using the scholarship money to help buy my textbooks for my courses in the coming quarters.”

There should be no hesitation. AfterCollege and our co-sponsors WANT to give you money. Please, let us do that. Apply for an AfterCollege scholarship.

Homework Time! Do we really need a homework time here? GO. APPLY.


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