Popular Entry-Level Jobs for Business Majors

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Business majors out of college represent a large portion of the graduating population. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, business majors represent the largest group of those graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

We looked at all entry-level jobs on AfterCollege to come up with a list of the most popular job titles for business grads. Here are the top job titles asking for business majors sorted by number of employers:

1. Salesperson
3795 employers

2. Assistant Store Manager
1645 employers

3. Assistant Manager
1537 employers

4. Assistant General Manager
894 employers

5. Retail Sales Teammate
422 employers

6. Sales Manager in Training
370 employers

7. General Store Manager
344 employers

8. Part Time Sales Lead
329 employers

9. Management Trainee
316 employers

10. Full Time Operations Manager
312 employers

11. Retail Assistant Manager
309 employers

12. Restaurant Manager
286 employers

13. Sales Representative
249 employers

14. Administrative Assistant
238 employers

15. Executive Assistant
228 employers

16. Co-Manager
228 employers

17. Sales Support
217 employers

18. Account Manager
147 employers

19. Account Executive
143 employers

Sales, management and retail opportunities abound. These are good challenging jobs for students coming out of college.


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