A Millennial’s Guide to the Workforce

Bye Bye Internship

Internship ending? Don’t just walk away. Heather Huhman shares what you need to know about leaving an internship on a positive note.

Is This a ‘Good’ Question?

Yes, there is such a thing as a bad question. Here’s how to avoid asking one via Josh Kaufman.

Millennials Read This!

Entrepreneur won’t let you mess up with this millennial guide to joining the workforce.

Drawing Leadership

You won’t believe what this recent graduate learned about leadership from a girl in a coffee shop and a napkin drawing via ThinDifference.

To Apply or Not to Apply

Thinking about graduate school? This is what you should know before you apply via GenTwenty.

Hope this week’s posts have helped you with your entry into the workforce!

– The AfterCollege Team


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