Make Yourself Irresistibly Attractive to Employers: Dating Advice for Your Job Search


This Valentine’s Day, I have turned vegan when it comes to men, disregarding any square-jawed, broad-nosed, scruff-faced bloke that comes across my path. But just because I have made this decision does not mean I am through with the dating game. If only. In actuality I am dating sixteen companies at once. What can the world of dating teach you about the job search? Read on to find out…

1. Desperation is Unattractive

I wake up in the morning and check my phone. Hmmmm, no new messages. I’m annoyed. I start making coffee. Then BUZZ. My phone vibrates and I jump at it, but it’s only an email from Nordstrom. I’ve applied to like 16 jobs over the past two weeks and all I get is an email from Nordstrom asking me to spend money I don’t have??? Where is that chocolate bar I bought last night?! My desperation is thick and just as unattractive to potential employers as it is to potential new boos.

Allison Linn warns in her article, “Job Search Gimmicks Get Attention, Maybe Not Jobs,” that desperation will lead to the wrong kind of attention. She quotes Jane Cranston, a career coach with Executive Coach NY, “It’s like getting on a dating site and putting up a naked picture of yourself.” You are going to get a lot of attention, you may even get a job, but will it be your soulmate job? Will it be the job you want to spend Sunday morning with? Or it will be the creepy job you severely regret having that one night stand with?

2. You May Have to Turn to Unconventional Resources

I have yet to try an online dating site when it comes to finding a boyfriend, but maybe I will use one to find a job. Infamous online dating website eHarmony has started thinking about using their matchmaking powers to bring employers and employees together. They have been matching people based on their compatibility for 13 years. Why shouldn’t they begin matching job seekers with employers? Is this the way to find the job of my dreams?

Or maybe I should try speed dating. That way I can get the most face time with potential employers. In this infographic, “Speed Dating & Interviewing How to Find ‘The One’” shared by The Undercover Recruiter, video interviews are compared with speed dating.

Traditional interviewing, just like traditional dating, can take up too much time and money.

According to this infographic, video interviews can help companies get impressions of prospective employees without having to put so much time into the process. As the infographic states, not every interview will lead to a hire. Phone calls tend to last 30 minutes. If you’re not a good fit for a company, you’re not a good fit. Why waste those 30 minutes trying to find out? Speed dating and video interviews can save you time. If you realize that a company is not a good fit, you can move on to the next.

3. He (The Employer) Might Just Not Be That Into You

The search for “the one” is no easier when referring to a job than when it is referring to a life partner. As I do every Valentine’s Day, I’ve spent some time flipping through my copy of He’s Just Not That Into You and watched the movie about four times (that’s not weird, right??). Those six words have become my mantra. Luckily for me, Snagajob has already applied it to the job hunt. I grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Fro-Yo and sit down at my laptop for some He’s Just Not That Into You Interview Tips.

Just because I am not searching for a new boyfriend this Valentine’s Day does not mean I have escaped from the dating scene.

The job search is just another form of dating and the same rules and regulations apply.

Keeping this in mind, I am going to take control of my life and pursue a new job sans desperation and with the knowledge that I may have to try new things. I’ll read the signs to avoid waiting around for a job that is just not that into me. That way I’ll avoid a typical Valentine’s Day night eating chocolates and ice cream, watching Morning Glory (a romantic comedy focused on the relationship between a girl and her job), and wondering if that job I like is ever going to call.

P.S. Do you treat the job search like the quest for a romantic partner? Have any tips for being irresistible to employers? Let us know in the comments!


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