Know Your Own Strength (And How to Use It)

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People who dispense career advice will fall over each other to tell you to “follow your passion,” but what does that even mean? Probably these days the main thing you feel passionate about is getting more sleep, if you can gather enough energy to feel passion at all.

That’s okay. Let’s start with some baby steps. I’ve got a pop quiz for you, but it doesn’t involve any more studying. The topic? You. You only need about 15 or 20 minutes to take one of these quizzes (or both, if you power through ‘em).

Option 1 is a short version of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which gives you an idea of your personality traits. You can take it here. Your results will be a combination of four letters (representing characteristics like introversion, extraversion, sensing, and intuition). Once you know your type, you can spend some time looking into the jobs and careers that are recommended for you. See if any of them sound appealing.

Option 2 is called the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. You can take it here. You’ll need to create a profile on the site first, which should only take a minute. The VIA Survey of Character Strengths helps you determine your top 5 or “signature” strengths, which are things like humor and playfulness or love of learning. This gives you an excellent idea of what your “soft skills” are, and you should definitely take note of these to bring up in your cover letters and job interviews (with concrete examples, of course).

The results of these tests will probably not magically show you what you should do with your life, but at least they will get you thinking about some of your characteristics and qualities. Understanding yourself and your needs is a very important first step in the job search process.

How did it go? Did you discover anything new about yourself from taking one of the quizzes? Do you have any big questions you’re not sure how to answer? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at blog AT aftercollege DOT com


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    • Melissa Suzuno

      Hi Claire! Unfortunately I don’t know too much about Bill Clinton or Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s personalities, so I’ll have to take your word for it! Do you feel like your job now is a good match for the ENFJ type?


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