The Inspiration You Need This Week

This week has been all about finding inspiration for your twentysomething life.

We start with a post from The Guardian that tells the stories of five down-and-out job-seekers and how they didn’t let little blips in their lives get in the way of their success.

And if that wasn’t motivational enough, Undergrad Success shares eight inspirational quotes that will boost your career.

Then, HubSpot asked their team to share the best career advice that they’ve ever gotten from a former boss. Some good tips in there!

Also, remember that you can make anything a learning experience. Check out this post on LinkedIn about three career lessons a woman learned by making sandwiches.

Finally, the Huffington Post shared an article about burning out, learning to live in the moment, and how it saved at least one man’s life.

Feeling inspired yet?

Hope you are having a nice long weekend!

-The AfterCollege Team


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