HiCounselor: a 6-week bootcamp for grads to find a job

HiCounselor’s job search accelerator program combines AI-powered technology and professional mentorship from top tech companies to help recent graduates get interviews and fast track them to landing their dream jobs. On average, candidates in the program land a job within 6 weeks. 

The dedicated team at HiCounselor helps candidates with all aspects of the job search, so that they can just focus on preparing for interviews. Their overarching goal is to save candidates about 90% of their time and energy that they would’ve otherwise spent on job searching. Here are some of the many other benefits that candidates receive through HiCounselor’s program:

  • Candidates pay nothing to HiCounselor until they land a job
  • Networking and referrals are taken care of by the HiCounselor team
  • Training on how to ace interviews at top tech companies 
  • Customizable program experience suited towards each individual candidate’s needs
  • Multiple job offers are common among HiCounselor’s candidates

How it Works

The job search accelerator program begins with 3-1/2 weeks of intensive training that includes optimizing candidates’ LinkedIn and resume, preparing them for interviews, teaching them how to negotiate salary, and more. After the training has been completed, the HiCounselor team begins networking, referrals, and getting interviews for candidates until they land a job.

HiCounselor works off of an income share agreement (ISA). Only when a candidate lands a job, then they pay 9% of their first year’s pre-tax base salary in 6 monthly installments to HiCounselor. 

To learn more, you can register to attend an upcoming information session.

How to Apply

Currently, HiCounselor only works with candidates searching for jobs in the following areas: Software Engineering, Data Science, and Product Management.

  1. Submit a quick and free application through HiCounselor’s website 
  2. Their team will review your application and schedule a 15-minute interview call to learn more about your professional and educational experiences.
  3. Within 24 hours of the interview, their team will let you know if you have been accepted.


AfterCollege does not assume responsibility for the services provided by HiCounselor, an independent service provider.


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