Guest Post Policy

We love original points of view from job seekers and the professionals that hire them. Our most successful posts teach unemployed and underemployed young people valuable lessons in discovering their careers. Meaningful advice for recruiters and hiring managers is another amazing way to showcase your knowledge and help us improve the hiring process.

Word Count: We accept posts that are between 600-800 words.

Tone: Helpful. Encouraging. Genuine. These are qualities we strive for in our content. We leverage positive advice to guide students and recent graduates (5 years post-graduate or undergraduate degree) through their job search. We also provide important knowledge for recruiters and employers looking for the perfect candidate.

Original Content: We only publish original content. We do not accept posts already published on your personal blog, company blog, or another publication. We will sometimes make an exception for helpful syndicated content.

Bio and Promotion: We do promote our guest blog posts, and encourage you to do the same. Since we require original content and do not pay for our guest posts, we suggest adding a colorful 2-3 sentence bio and link to your social pages, a project you’re working on, or your business.

Advertorial Content: We will not accept posts that are too promotional of a business or product. Our goal is to inform. Similarly, posts written solely for SEO purposes will be discounted.

Post Claims: Please link to or cite any statistics, studies, or facts you reference. If you’re basing your post off of your experience, please be specific and unique when expanding on your claims.

Guest Post Contributors: We absolutely love and highly value guest post submissions. However, we may not have the time to reply to every submission. If we choose to publish your post, you will hear from us within 14 days. If we decide to pass, you will likely not hear from us within the 14 day period. Please submit one post at a time, and after the 14 day period you may follow up with another post submission.

Posting fee: We charge a $199 posting fee for blog posts that are accepted. It takes time to review submissions and authors benefit from posting to the blog, so we’ve come up with a fee that is fair to all.

Please submit your content to We look forward to publishing your piece.

5 Responses to “Guest Post Policy”

  1. Thomas Logsdon

    your web page would not let me apply for the position with Daniels corporation. It kept sending me to a par to apply to college. you are not going to get many application for a job that requires 15 years of experience when the web page is set up like it is.

    • Melissa Suzuno

      Hi there, I’m sorry to hear you were having trouble with the page. I’ll check in with the engineering team and see if they can help resolve the issue.


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