Forever Young: What Your Future Self Wants You to Know

This week has been all about preparing you for life after college. People from all walks of life want to share their experiences with you. That way you can learn from them and won’t have to say, “If only I knew…” Here are a few of our favorite pieces of advice.

HerCampus shares some harsh realities of life after college that everyone has to face.

Author of New Life, No Instructions, Gail Caldwell shares 5 things she wishes she could tell her younger self via the Huffington Post.

Then Levo League isn’t hiding anything! They throw the truth at us in their post about 3 things that commencement speeches never mention (but probably should).

Finally, take a look at how other students and recent graduates are preparing for life after college and the job search in Dayton Business Journal’s post.

Hope you had a fabulous week!

- The AfterCollege Crew

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