Are You Prepared For This?

This week has been filled with posts all about how to prepare for today’s working world—and how to navigate it once you’ve entered it.

The first post takes us to the very beginning—picking your college major and finding out what that will mean for you. UT Tyler shows us what majoring in these different subjects is really like.

But no matter what you choose (or have chosen) to study, you should listen to Maria Popova’s advice in her video on 20to30 about why your ability to tell stories is more important than any job title.

To further prove this point, Forbes shared this post about why you probably won’t even be holding on to any job title for more than three years (and why that’s a good thing).

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this means the jobs you hold won’t matter. Even though you’ll probably be switching positions every few years, you should still be looking for careers that are meaningful. FastCompany explains more about this here.

Finally, at some point in your career journey, you’re probably going to make a mistake. Yes, even the best of the best have made some errors along the way. Don’t worry. The Huffington Post can help. They explain just what to do if you’ve made a mistake at work.

Ready to face today’s working world? We bet you are!

Hope you had a wonderful week.

- The AfterCollege Team


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