What Employers Are Looking For On Your PR Résumé


Welcome to the résumé teardown! In this installment, we’re looking at a cover letter and résumé for a real entry-level Public Relations applicant who we’ve nicknamed P. Reelasions.

Danny Rubin, Account Manager at Rubin Communications Group and managing editor of News To Live By, will be offering his critique of P. Reelasions’s application. Experienced in both the Public Relations industry as well as the job-seeking world, Danny shares his thoughts with us about what he’s looking for on a PR résumé. You can read more about Danny here.

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Today’s lesson is: Details, details, details! The Public Relations industry is all about storytelling. Use your cover letter and résumé to show that you are capable of this. Paint a picture and use specific examples that will leave your reader with a strong sense of who YOU are and a compulsion to learn more!

One additional note about your PR résumé. Danny recommends leading with Experience or Skills rather than Education. These are what your employer is really interested in. Remember, even if you haven’t had a “real” job yet, you can still get experience with a side hustle. In fact, here’s why Danny says every twentysomething NEEDS to have one.

Homework time! Take a look at your cover letter and résumé. Are there places where you use vague language that you could change to specifics? What is the story you’re hoping to tell your potential employer?


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