Eek! Read On if You Dare

The Scariest Content

In the spirit of Halloween, this week’s posts you have to see are filled with content that is sure to give you the heebie-jeebies!

Twentysomething Frights!

Scare the pants off all your friends with BuzzFeed’s list of Halloween costumes that are sure to frighten any twentysomething.

Interview Nightmares

There’s nothing that brings the fear quite like an interview going sour. Here is HubSpot’s list of the worst interviews. Yikes!

You’re What?

The days of scantily clad outfits with some type of animal ear are over. ForeverTwentySomethings is right on point with the differences between Halloween during and after college.

Survival Tactics

Ahhh! Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of us twentysomethings quite like an unpaid internship. Undergrad Success shares their survival guide to these terrifying work situations.

Apocalypse Buddies

If you’re going to face down any monster, you’re going to want a friend to be there with you. The Bustle tells us how to make friends after college so that we can have that support system we need.

Hope this helps you survive this freaky-deaky Halloween week.

– The AfterCollege Crew


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