Cringe! How to Deal With Your Embarrassment And Use It for Success

This week has been about something I am all too familiar with: embarrassment. The good news is, your cringe-worthy moments might actually be helping you. But don’t worry, if they’re not, we know how to fix them. Check it out.

That summer you spent serving burgers and dressed in those terrible khaki pants, tucked-in red polo, and goofy hat might actually help your résumé according to 20to30.

On that same note, FastCompany shares four useful entrepreneurship lessons you can learn from similar “dead end” jobs.

Also, you may be shamefaced to admit to the hottie at the bar that you still live with your parents, but not only should you remember that Matthew McConaughey once played a similar role, but also check out this post on Kicker that explains why it could be a better decision than moving out.

Then, NewstoLiveBy lists the nine things that a millennial will never admit to. Well, the first step in recovery is admitting there’s a problem. We challenge you to look at the list, admit to these embarrassing millennial habits, and move on!

A lot of the items on that shameful list are things you can do on your smartphone. Our addiction to our phones is something we should definitely be ashamed of. Luckily, The Daily Muse gives us the smartphone detox.

Learn to enjoy those embarrassing moments and make the most of them!

Hope you had a great week,

The AfterCollege Team!

P.S. You might want to read about this young woman who bids farewell to Company Magazine; a magazine which once published an article that helped her, a teen dealing with Crohn’s disease, feel like she was not alone and start dreaming of becoming a journalist.


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