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Great News for 2016 College Grads: Most Seniors Have Jobs Lined Up

An astonishing 78% of college seniors have a job lined up upon graduation. This is according to AfterCollege’s survey of 1,360 college undergrads, grad students and…

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Good News for Post-Grad Job Seekers (Infographic)

In spring of 2015, about 2.8 million university graduates entered the workforce. With the post-grad unemployment rate lingering around 13 percent according to some studies, college…

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What Students and Recent Grads Say About the Job Search

Every year, AfterCollege quizzes college students and recent grads about every aspect of the job search—what you’re looking for in a company, how you feel about…

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Results of the 2013 AfterCollege Job-Seeker Survey [Infographic]

It’s easy to feel like everyone else has the job search totally figured out, but the AfterCollege 2013 job-seeker survey shows that’s not the case at…

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Working as a Front-End Web Developer: It’s Magic! [Infographic]

Looking to add a few magical powers to your tool belt? Sadly we can’t help you with admission to Hogwarts, but we’ll show you a way…

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Making Dollars and Sense of a Career in Sales: Infographic

Problem-solver, good listener, people-person… sound like you? You might just rock a career in sales. Check out our infographic for more info on what it’s like to…

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