Careers in Non-Profits: A Look Inside the JCCSF

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Claire McCabe is a Marketing Outreach & Box Office Associate in the Arts & Ideas department at the JCCSF (Jewish Community Center of San Francisco). Arts & Ideas puts on around 100 performances and lectures each year. Claire spends her days managing the Arts & Ideas social media strategy and its online presence as well as coordinating community promotional partnerships, selling tickets, and interacting with JCCSF patrons. Check out our video interviews to learn more about Claire’s work at the JCCSF.

A typical day on the job

Claire’s favorite part about working for the JCCSF

How working for a non-profit is different from working at a for-profit

Homework time! Claire talks about the importance of finding an organization whose values align with yours. How can you research this before you visit a company? What about when you go in for an interview? Think about strategies you can use to learn more about a company’s mission and values.

Find the JCCSF’s Arts & Ideas on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Catch up with Claire on Twitter @claire_mccabe


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