Careers in Non-Profits: Chat with a Program Manager at the JCCSF

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Alan Scher is the Program Manager in the Youth & Family Department at the JCCSF. Alan supervises the Havurah Youth Center and after-school program. His duties include building the foundation for the program through marketing, fundraising, and supporting teachers and staff. He talks about his work with HYC, why he enjoys being part of the non-profit sector, and what you should know if you’re considering working for a non-profit.

Alan talks about a typical day on the job

What’s the difference between working for a non-profit and a for-profit?

Advice for people interested in working for a non-profit

Homework time! Alan talks about the importance of job shadowing and networking to learn more about organizations and professions that you’re interested in. Reach out to the people in your network (and yes, it’s okay to start with your family and friends) and see if you could spend some time with someone learning more about their job and career path.


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