Being a Noogle at Google: New Google Employee Sean Shares His Experience

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Now that the movie The Internship has come out, the noun “Noogle” (a new Google employee) is a pretty standard vocabulary word. I’d like to add the noun “Poogle,” a word I’ve come up with to define my friend Sean Cervera’s new role in the Google community. His work at Google is closely centered around working with people (what he’s passionate about) and so I have dubbed him a Poogle (a people person Google employee).

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Sean Cervera was my first Community Assistant (CA) at the University of Redlands. I’ll always remember him as the greatest CA I have ever had. His enthusiastic and outgoing personality shone through everything he did whether that be throwing third floor dance parties or getting hired for a highly selective retail management program at Apple. Now, he’s been recruited at Google as an account strategist and he tells us a bit about how he got there.


Sean graduated from the University of Redlands in 2011 with a BS in Business Administration. He feels that the University of Redlands prepared him well for all of the jobs he held after college. “They provided a top education composed of teamwork and individual autonomy to make the best of my education. The professors constantly challenged us to strive for greatness and were always available for support.”

He was pleased with the variety of business learning that the Business Department provided and feels that he was able to apply it well in real life situations. “I wouldn’t be where I am if it had not been for the Business Department and amazing professors such as Jack Osborn.”

Past Employment Experience

Not only did his education help him to attain his role at Google, but his previous employment also played a key part. Before he was hired at Google, he was a member of a highly selective retail management rotation program with Apple.

Sean attended a career fair at Pomona College. He was told about the fair by a friend at the University of Redlands. A recruiter discussed Apple’s marketing strategy with him. Sean voiced his opinion about how they were incredibly successful in unifying AT&T and Verizon Wireless. After their discussion, the recruiter asked if he would be interested in the Apple Store Leader Program (ASLP). As Sean puts it, “The rest is history.” After several rounds of interviews over the span of a week, he was offered the position.

In this program, he was able to rotate throughout every role in an Apple retail store. He worked in sales, technical support, management, HR, recruitment, and more. “Apple truly values their people, development, training and the external/internal customer experience. They showed me the power of going above and beyond and the importance of caring about those around you. They challenged us to read between the lines, constantly innovate, challenge the status quo, and to never be afraid of change.”


Sean talks a lot about how others have helped him to get where he is today. The person he doesn’t mention is himself. Sean loves working with people because he is a people person. From the first moment I met him there was no discomfort, no having to search for the right thing to say. His happy-go-lucky attitude makes him a joy to talk with. Right off the bat you feel like you can tell him anything. He’s so goofy that you can be yourself and sing karaoke down the hall at the top of your lungs, but also intelligent and readily available to give any academic advice you may need. In my opinion, he’s the perfect candidate for any customer service department.

How Sean Got Hired by Google

Six months prior to graduating from the University of Redlands, Sean applied for several positions at Google. It was about two years later that he heard back from a recruiter. He went in for an interview. Although, he was not chosen for that position, they enjoyed what he had to say and told him they would be in touch if anything else came up. It was not a typical rejection by any means. Then, about three months later, a University Programs Recruiter from Google reached out to him and he was hired on as Small/Medium Business Associate Account Strategist.

What Does the Job of SMB Associate Account Strategist Entail?

Sean’s main objective is to give assistance to advertisers in order to further develop their AdWords marketing campaigns. AdWords is Google’s largest source of income and is Google’s advertising platform for businesses. He provides SMB advertisers with technical support, AdWords account management, and campaign development. He is also a member of the Global Customer Service team. It is a team that focuses on providing enriching experiences to Google advertisers worldwide.

Sean relocated for his job from Southern California to the Google office based in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although the transition was a huge culture shock at first (just think about that weather change) Sean has found that his connection with people, along with the culture and dynamic of his workplace made for a smooth transition. “It is simply amazing. The Google environment is like no other. Innovation is everywhere and Google’s love for its people is quite apparent. It is the number one company in the world for a reason.”

The Ann Arbor location along with the Mountain View location are the bases for the SMB Operations worldwide. His work week is 8–5 Monday through Friday. Working for a global company presents the opportunity for travel. Sean is also allowed to work out of other offices so it’s very likely he will be traveling in the future. He is in contact with the Mountain View office and he’ll probably have the chance to head back to California soon.

What Is He Most Excited About?

As an SMB Associate Account Strategist, Sean is working with advertisers daily. He helps them maximize their campaigns and grow their businesses. He loves the fact that he gets to help and work with people every day. He can’t wait for the possibilities that Google may provide him to expand his work with people. He hopes that he will be allowed to further his Google career in their people development sector either training, recruiting, or in the university programs coordinator capacity.

“As long as I get to work with the world’s brightest and most unique people, helping others, I am happy.”

Homework time! Sean took control of his life and carved a career path for himself. You can do the same. If you haven’t already, look into career fairs offered in your location. Talk with recruiters and get familiar with the industry you want to work in. Take advantage of the opportunities offered to you.


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  1. Emma Arana

    very insightful article.Thanks for helping me understand a little more about you and Google.

  2. e09

    Hello! I recently had a phone screening for this position and the recruiter said they were recruiting for the AA openings and there were a few spots left for the Mountain View location. I said I had an interest in the Mountain View location but was not opposed to the AA location. Now I am a little concerned that I indicated a preference. Do you know if / how this will impact my application?

    • Kellen McKillop


      We weren’t sure about the answer to this question so we decided to consult Sean. This is what he he had to say about whether or not mentioning a preference would impact your application, “Not at all. I was even given the chance to express interest in a specific location. If they like you as a candidate, and there are openings at both locations, you have nothing to worry about.”

      Hope that helps,

      - Kellen


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