Anything You Can Do, YOU Can Do Better

You probably know the song, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better,” but this week we’re throwing a twist on it. Rather than focusing on someone else, we want you to take that competitive instinct and turn it inwards. Yep, it’s time to compete with yourself.

We start with a post by Eric Watson on Medium about how to make yourself more effective by simplifying just three things.

Then, this post may not prepare you to take on The New York Times crossword puzzle, but it will definitely give you a step up on the vocabulary ladder. identifies commonly misused words and the right way to say what you want.

Speaking of saying what you want. We’re a fan of The Wise Job Search’s post about being assertive (note: not aggressive) in your job search.

Okay, so we realize that everything we’ve focused on thus far has been about improving your mental state. We also appreciate the need to improve ourselves physically. Here is HerCampus’s list of free online exercise classes.

Speaking of HerCampus, we’re happy to announce that they’ve improved themselves by adding a new LGBTQ+ section just in time for San Francisco Pride!

Hope you had a great week!

- The AfterCollege Crew


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