How AfterCollege Made the Job Search Even Easier: Event Notifications


Life is so hard.

You have to wake up, pull on a sweatshirt and sweatpants at 10:00 a.m., brush your teeth, grab your backpack, and go to class. Seriously, it’s rough. Let’s not even talk about the studying you’ll be doing later AND having to actually put on makeup or brush your hair for that party later. Who do they think you are, Superman??

Now you’re expected to add job searching to the list? Are they trying to kill you?!

Okay, okay. Calm down. There’s no need to worry. At AfterCollege, we understand your pain and have decided to make it a lot easier for you.

If you haven’t already, you should probably head over to our post that explains how easy we’ve made career exploration and discovery: “The Netflix of the Job Hunt: How to Customize Your Job Search for Better Results.”

Did you read it? Wonderful. Now I know you’re clambering to sign up and get your job search on, and that’s great! Go do it. Right now. I’ll make it real easy. Click this link: EXPLORE

Got it? Good.

Okay, now you’re going to hate me.

There’s more to the job search than just looking at job listings. I mean not a lot more because we do such a great job providing you with the most relevant job options, but…

As a student there are so many opportunities that will give you an edge to your hunt. For example, career fairs and webinars that will provide you with valuable information and networking opportunities.

Trust us. You’re going to want to watch these webinars and you’re going to want to get your face in front of these employers. Don’t think so? Just read about how Sean Cervera got recruited for a special Store Leader Program at Apple Inc.

Aaarrrrggggghhhh! Does that mean we’re asking you to spend all of your valuable time keeping an eye out for these events?

No. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t dream of asking for something that ludicrous!

We make sure that you don’t even have to leave your dorm room to find out about events happening on your campus. (But you will have to leave your dorm room to actually attend most of them—sorry!)

Events Notifications

We’ll automatically suggest events that are taking place on your campus. Next to your list of jobs, on the right side of your AfterCollege Explore page, there is an Events and Scholarships section. Oh yeah, we help you with scholarships too. Check out this image below to see what we’re talking about.

Events Listing

Upcoming events and scholarship deadlines will be listed in this section. All you need to do is sign in to your AfterCollege account and you’ll be able to see when there’s an upcoming event in your area.

Events Based on YOU

So that all sounds great, but you’re probably grumbling about the fact that you’re going to be bothered by all these silly event notifications that don’t apply to you. Just because there’s a career fair in your area doesn’t mean that you’re interested in it.

So annoying.

Don’t worry. We’ve got that aspect covered as well. Our Explore feature makes recommendations based on both your school and major, so the Events that show up on your page will be targeted towards you.

Employer Connection

The other great news? You can make a connection with employers before even showing up to the event. Employers can see who has RSVP’d to their Event. That means there’s an opportunity for employers to see that you’re interested and look over your profile ahead of time. So make sure you RSVP. Being able to interact with employers in a small group setting will give you much better chances than at other career fairs.

We’re Here For YOU!

At AfterCollege we believe that the student comes first. In our minds, what is good for the student is good for schools, employers, the community, and society. We are here to help students and recent graduates find their first internship and/or job.

We know that process can be scary and somewhat grueling, but we want to make it as easy as possible. With our Events listings, we can alleviate some of the stress by giving you only the relevant information on career happenings going on in your area.

Sound good? No, you’re right. It sounds better than good. Head over to AfterCollege and be on top of your game with our Event and Scholarship notifications.

P.S. Are your scholarship applications ready to go? Head over to our post “Don’t Screw Yourself Over on Your Scholarship Apps” to make sure you have everything in tip-top shape!


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