5 Videos Unemployed Millennials Need to Watch

unemployed millennials

The unemployment rate for college grads is about 8.5 percent, according to the Economic Policy Institute’s 2014 survey. What’s even more alarming, is 16.8 percent of recent grads are underemployed. This percentage encompasses twenty-somethings working at coffee shops, working part time, or actively looking for work but not finding it.

Below are the funniest, most meaningful, and honest vlogs from recent grads who just can’t find a job. These five unemployed millennials do their best to give post-grads a voice.

1. The Hilarious Parody.

If you need a little pick-me-up, this video will give you some grounding perspective on your potentially funny job struggles. You might feel alone in your job search when so many of your peers claim happiness and success on social media or during an impromptu run-in at Starbucks. This video reminds us that our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are not always honest. Keep applying to jobs, and define your ideals based on your passions, not on your newsfeed.

2. The Poignant Testimonial.

Rachaunn Ruffin from George Mason University will make you re-think your struggle to find your career. Rachaunn is a track star with three part time jobs, a lofty internship, and a college degree under his belt. He also sent out fifty job applications with no response. His story is sad, but inspiring.

3. The Comedic Struggle.

Need a break from job apps? Here’s a lighthearted montage of the job hunt’s funnier moments. She laughs, she cries. But, she mostly laughs.

4. The Universal Reality.

Job seeking has many stages. This accurate video reminds us that the grass is always greener on the other side of the job hunt.

5. The Lonely Post-Grad.

This video is a little dark. But, it really hits home. This vlogger comments on the loneliness of a failed job search, student debt, and the sudden social change of entering “the real world.” Before you enter a stage five rut, remember that post-grad loneliness really is just a phase. Many of the vloggers expressing the pain of a job hunt do eventually find jobs. If you’re experiencing more than a case of the “blahs,” you are not alone. Seek counseling resources from your university if post-grads are admitted. Low-cost group therapy or low-income counseling centers in your community are also great options.

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