4 Basic Skills Every College Graduate Should Have

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You can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job, right? Not exactly.

You can get experience without a job. Learning basic hard skills outside of college or the workplace is simple–and these skills set you apart from other job applicants.

Employers expect you to have skills like Photoshop and basic HTML before they hire you. The solution? Be a winning job candidate by learning these must-have skills on your own.

basic skills every

Web Development

Web development makes you stand out during your job search and helps you advance once you get the job. Whether you’re an art major or a programmer, you’re expected to know basics like how to make your own professional website. Even a beginner’s knowledge of web development makes a huge difference during your job hunt.

Basic web development skills:

  • Personal website creation.
  • Basic HTML literacy.
  • Email template literacy for marketing, data analysis via email campaigns, etc.
  • Communication with your engineering team.
  • Working in modern industries, including marketing, journalism.

 Complex web development skills:

  • Give you the tools to launch a startup post-graduation.
  • Build websites and web applications on a professional scale.
  • You will learn SS, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Git, and more–all key to the modern development world.

Learn Web Development – Complete Web Developer Course. (You’ll walk away with a 14-website web development portfolio.)

Basic Photo-Editing

Basic photo-editing skills like Adobe Photoshop come in handy in most non-technical roles. Even at the job-seeker level, you should know how to visually market yourself.

Photo editing

Photo editing is a must-have in the business and marketing worlds. Whether you’re creating a beautiful presentation for your boss, or you’re adding a cover image to your LinkedIn profile–you want to have basic image editing down. This means understanding how to crop, style, and add text to photos for:

  • Social media images
  • Blog posts
  • Email marketing
  • Branding
  • Powerpoint presentations

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel isn’t a skill you should include on your resume. But, it’s a skill you absolutely need to have.

A majority 63 percent of twenty-somethings want to start their own business. How will you stay organized, track data, or forecast your finances if you’re not spreadsheet-savvy?

Many millennials simply want their first job. But, what about your performance once someone hires you? The biggest complaint employers have about millennials is that they lack basic hard and soft skills.

These skills include things like teamwork and problem solving, but also basic administrative skills like MS Word and Powerpoint. Once you’re hired, you want to meet the basic requirements of your role without stressing.

Discover Microsoft Excel Basics for Beginners/ Intermediate Users. 

SQL for Data Analysis

SQL has a bad reputation. It’s more annoying to learn and understand compared to modern programming languages. Many students haven’t even heard of SQL until they enter the workplace and realize their office data depends on this program.

SQL “runs banks, hospitals, universities, governments, small businesses, large ones. Just about every computer and every person on the planet eventually touches something running SQL.”

You’re probably familiar with the buzzword job title “Data Scientist”–one of the most up-and-coming roles in the modern workforce. Learning SQL skills will help you integrate higher-level data analysis at your company, becoming much more useful to your team. Your skills will become transferrable.

SQL teaches you to store data, manipulate it with a series of commands, and combine data to create complex reports. SQL is limitless data reporting. This comes in hand for a wide range of tasks, whether you’re a humanities or a business major

Learn SQL for Newbs: Beginner Data Analysis

A few basic skills go a long way when you’re fresh out of college. Millennials make up 40 percent of America’s unemployed. Don’t add to this percentage because you’re that candidate listing “MS Word” and “hard worker” in your skills section. Learning basic workplace skills is a huge investment in your job hunt and initial salary. 



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  1. ivan

    i strongly believe people are not monkeys. every person, they are born with the capacity of the cognitive mind and the capacity to learn. the business sector will invent terms , such as hard skills and soft skills,in order to keep their budgets in check and enrich their philosophy of competition. money is the motivation. time is money.


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