10 Songs to Listen to When Writing Your Résumé


You’re ready to start applying for jobs.

What’s one of the first things you need to do?

Write your résumés!

(Yes, more than one. Check out our résumé teardowns to see what different employers look for in a résumé).

Oh no! You can feel the urge to procrastinate kick in. How do you stay motivated?

With an awesome Spotify playlist, that’s how.

Of course you can make your own, but if you need some help thinking of what to include, we’ve put together a list of songs that get us going.

Here are 10 songs to listen to when writing your résumé (or anytime during the job search and beyond)!

1. “Older” – They Might Be Giants

The sooner you can accept the fact that you are getting older and will need to start the next phase of your life, the better. Hopefully one listen to this song will solidify that fact in your brain.

2. “Taking Care of Business” – Bachman Turner Overdrive

This is the perfect song to get you started. It’s hard to procrastinate when you’re listening to a rock anthem all about getting work done.

3. “Career Opportunities” – The Clash

“A classic about the importance of ‘choosing your own path.’” – Matt Baum, Director, Talent Solutions Group

Maybe we’re biased since this song is basically the soundtrack for Explore.

4. “Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive” – Aretha Franklin

Yes. We couldn’t agree more, Aretha.

“Sound advice for résumé writing and beyond.” – Bri Kapellas, University Relations Engagement Manager

5. “Livin’ on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi

OHHHH you’re halfway there! OHHHH Livin’ on a prayer.

This song is perfect for pushing through when you feel like quitting. But we suggest that you live on more than a prayer. Instead, live on your research of the companies, interest in the work, and the skill set you have to offer.

6. “Money” – Pink Floyd

Money may not be the only thing you care about, but it’s definitely a factor when it comes to the job search.

Having this goal in the forefront of your mind can help you stay motivated even after the twentieth proofread of your cover letter (and help you to remember: a manger is not the same thing as a manager.)

7. “Break my Stride” – Matthew Wilder

“The song that gets me going.” – Javier Suazo, University Relations Engagement Associate

Now you’re on a roll. We dare anyone to try to break your stride.

8. “Happy” – Pharrell Williams

This can be an incredibly stressful time. It’s important to remember to be keep a positive attitude and this Despicable Me 2 track can certainly help you do so.

9. “Dark Horse” – Katy Perry

First of all, that bass…

Second of all, the intro: “I knew you were, you were gonna come to me. And here you are but you better choose carefully ‘cause I’m capable of anything.”

It’s all about confidence. You’re capable of anything.

10. “The Final Countdown” – Europe

Along with the joy you’ll feel from the association this song has with Gob and Buster Bluth’s funeral dance, it will also inspire you to give that extra push and cross the résumé finish line.

It’s the final countdown. Don’t give up!

Want to listen to the actual play list in its entirety? Check it out here.

Now that you’re armed with a playlist of inspirational résumé-writing songs, get started!

Explore on AfterCollege, be sure you know how to read job descriptions, choose jobs that interest you, research the companies, and learn to write résumés the right way.

Now get to work!

Homework time! Now that you’ve written your résumés and applied to the positions you’re interested in, make sure you’re prepared for your interview.

P.S. Have any songs you think should be added to our list? Leave a comment telling us the song title and artist’s name.


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  1. Jason Van Eman

    Work out the melody, if music is what starts to happen in your mind. You just begin at the beginning without words. That beginning is to know what works best for you.



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